Broadband Design
Without the tremendous wok of Steve Hunt G3TKQ we all would not have this broadband hexagonal antenna.  His web pages contain the detailed theory of both the Classic and his Broadband design.

I was able to attend Orlando 2013 and by chance my booth was right beside Al( NN4ZZ). He builds the HexLock. It is a fantastic add-on to the Hex Beams with a tilt over tower. The HexLock is a device that will let you tilt your tower all the way to the ground to work on your hexbeamtype antenna, rotator, or tower. Check him out.

Mast Options
This is a popular push-up mast.

Fiberglass spreaders and many other amateur related parts.

Do it yourself
Interested in home brewing your own antenna then Leo Shoemaker site has it all.